มิกเซอร์ MACKIE ProFX12v3 Professional Mixer with FX

เครื่องผสมสัญญาณเสียง-มิกเซอร์ MACKIE ProFx12v3 เป็นมิกเซอร์รุ่นล่าสุดที่ออกมาในปี 2020 ในรหัส V3 (version-3) เพื่อออกมาแทนรุ่น Version-2 เดิม, 7 Mic/Line Inputs (Comp 1-4), 3 Mono/Stereo Line Inputs + 3.5mm Input, 2-In / 4-Out USB (24-Bit, 192 kHz), 24 FX Presets

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Mackie ProFX12v3 12-Channel Mixer with Built-In FX

เครื่องผสมสัญญาณเสียง-มิกเซอร์ MACKIE ProFx12v3 เป็นมิกเซอร์รุ่นล่าสุดที่ออกมาในปี 2020 ในรหัส V3 (version-3) เพื่อออกมาแทนรุ่น Version-2 เดิม, 7 Mic/Line Inputs (Comp 1-4), 3 Mono/Stereo Line Inputs + 3.5mm Input, 2-In / 4-Out USB (24-Bit, 192 kHz), 24 FX Presets

The Mackie ProFX12v3 is a 12-channel mixing console featuring seven Onyx microphone preamps with 60 dB of headroom and a built-in effects engine with 24 built-in FX, making it well suited for live sound, home recording, and content creators. The integrated 2×4 USB audio interface offers high-quality 24-bit / 192 kHz recording and playback with zero-latency monitoring.

Channels 1-2 offer combo XLR-1/4″ mic/line connections and a Hi-Z switch (for guitar and bass), while channels 3-4 offer XLR or 1/4″ inputs. Channels 1-4 include inserts, and single-knob compression. Channels 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 offer two 1/4″ inputs, while channel 11/12 uses a 3.5mm stereo input. Channels 1-10 feature gain controls, a 3-band EQ, an aux (monitor) send, a dedicated FX send, pan, mute, and level faders. Engaging channel 11/12’s USB 3-4 switch will override the 3.5mm input and enable the USB return from a computer.

Each channel strip includes button selectors for Main L/R, Sub 1/2, and Solo (PFL). The master section offers dedicated faders for Main, Sub, and FX. Main output connectors include both XLR and 1/4″, while sub and control room outputs use 1/4″ connector.

A dedicated 1/4″ TRS headphone output includes its own independent level control. Other features include an input / USB 1-2 blend control, a dedicated FX output, an FX level fader, and an FX mute, which can also be controlled via the 1/4″ footswitch input.

The ProFX12v3 features a download for ProTools I First software and The Musician’s Collection plug-in package including 23 high-quality plugins with BBD Delay, Level Lite, 304E EQ, and 304C Compressor. You also get Tracktion’s Waveform OEM and the DAW Essentials Collection. To authorize the software, simply input the mixer’s serial number into the website. The Mackie ProFX10v3 includes a USB cable and power supply.


  • GigFX effects engine delivers 24 effects including reverbs, delays, and choruses
  • 7 Mackie Onyx mic preamps deliver clear signal and 60dB of gain
  • Rugged design will stand up to the wear and tear of the road
  • 3 Band EQ and 100Hz low-cut filter on all channels
  • Built-in channel compression
  • 48-volt phantom power on all mic channels
  • 24-bit/192kHz A/D for unmatched audio quality
  • USB for playback music and recording into your computer
  • Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced outputs
  • Headphone output has separate volume control for comfortable monitoring


Equivalent Input Noise 150-Ohm Source Impedance, 20 Hz to 20 kHz:
Mic In to Insert Send Out, Max Gain -126 dBu
Residual Output Noise All Outputs, Master Levels Off, All Channel Levels Off: -95 dBu
All Outputs, Master Levels Unity, One Channel Level Unity: -80 dBu
Frequency Response Mic Input to Any Output (Gain at Unity, +0 dB / -1 dB): 20 Hz to 30 kHz
THD+N 22 Hz to 80 kHz Bandwidth: Mic In to Main Out (+4 dBu Output): <0.03%
Attenuation and Crosstalk Adjacent Inputs at 1 kHz: -90 dB
Inputs to Outputs at 1 kHz: -80 dB
Fader Off at 1 kHz: -75 dB
Mute Switch / Break Switch Mute at 1 kHz: -90 dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio Mic In to Main Out, Max Gain, 1 kHz: 70 dB
Maximum Level All Inputs: +22 dB
Main Out XLR: +28 dBu
All other Outputs: +22 dBu
Impedance Mic In: 3.3 Kilohms
Channel Insert Return: 10 Kilohms
All Other Inputs: ≥20 Kilohms
Phones Output: 25 Ohms
All Other Outputs: 120 Ohms Unbalanced, 240 Ohms Balanced
Equalization Low ±15 dB at 80 Hz
Mid ±15 dB at 2.5 kHz
High ±15 dB at 12 kHz
Low Cut Filter 18 dB/octave at 100 Hz
Maximum Voltage Gain Mic Input Channel to:
Insert Output: 60 dB
1/4″ Main Output: 80 dB
XLR Main Output: 86 dB
1/4″ Sub Output: 80 dB
Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 80 dB
FX Send: 90 dB
USB Output: 70 dBMono Line Input Channel to:
Insert Output: 40 dB
1/4″ Main Output: 60 dB
XLR Main Output: 66 dB
1/4″ Sub Output: 60 dB
Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 60 dB
FX Send: 70 dB
USB Output: 50 dBStereo Line Input Channel to:
1/4″ Main Output: 20 dB
XLR Main Output: 26 dB
1/4″ Sub Output: 20 dB
Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 20 dB
FX Send: 30 dBUSB Output: 10 dB3.5mm Input to:
1/4″ Main Output: 40 dB
XLR Main Output: 46 dB
1/4″ Sub Output: 40 dB
Aux Output (Pre-Fader): 40 dB
FX Send: 50 dB
USB Output: 30 dBUSB Input to XLR Main Output: 46 dB
Digital Effects Number of Presets: 24
Meters Main L/R Mix:
Two Columns of 12 Segments Each: OL, +15, +10, +6, +3, 0 (0 dBu), -2, -4, -7, -10, -20, -30
USB Format: USB 2.0
I/O: 1 Stereo Input, 2 Stereo Outputs
A/D/A: 24-Bit / 44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz
Phantom Power 48 VDC to All Mic Channels Simultaneously
Power Universal AC Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.9 x 13.0 x 14.8″ / 8.1 x 33.0 x 37.5 cm
Weight 7.9 lb / 3.6 kg


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