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We are provider of services from the distribution and installation of lighting, sound , LED screen including consulting services visual and audio system design , outdoor audio , PA system equipment rental , Poweramp , Mixer , loudspeaker , Amplifier , All items of Microphones , Musical instruments. The leading brands both domestically and internationally including technical equipment from the ordinary up to the Hi-end outdoor audio level.
We also provided music , Lyrics , Melody , Music composer , record for organisations , Company and private sector to provided as one stop service.

At present, We are one of the leading companies that providing full range audio system conference room such as meeting room , seminar room (both large and small size) , Concert Auditorium Hall distributed in both splits and full sets.

For the purposes of use all level both design , sourcing and installation including with provided insights into the application as well as maintenance. There are also serving after sales service both systems and devices with product details and usage by a professional team.

Another contribution and pride of the company in the service is Worship meeting room sound system both in Bangkok and the provinces. We provided audio system , visual system , lighting system , sound system included LED screen with designed , audio visual equipment , the provision of musical instruments for the worship.

In the present, the channel of the order is more competitive then we offer the services for convenience and increase distribution channels as turnkey with creating website by job category and separate the product clearly.

By the way, Musicspace will devide the service and distribution into three parts with three websites following :


A service – Distributed product by focusing on universal musical instruments , Guitar amp , Bass amp , keyboard amp , all kind of effects , musical equipment , all types of recording equipment , song writing , music production and record system.


A service – Distributed outdoor audio equipment focusing on PA system , Mixer , loudspeaker , poweramp , amplifier , wireless microphones , all items of microphones , adjusting device , equipment for the DJ including technical equipment.


A service – Distributed audio conference room , Meeting room , seminar room , all conference microphones system , video conference , publishing system , Voice system , tour guide set , translation and interpretation kit , LED screen , projector both large and small size with leading brands in domestically and internationally covered in all service works by design , installation , checking , repair and after sales services.

Delivery service – Our service is extensive in Bangkok , perimeter and province nationwide to meet the needs of various customers with effective management system , receive goods as scheduled and reach safely.
We’ve focus on after sales service , checking , repair and maintenance by a professional team also provided system knowledge directly to focus on our service to create a work and to be part of a customer’s success.

We look forward to the customers who choose the service from us with experience the aesthetics in the entertainment system effective service by a professional team and premium service from us by letting us be the creator of that integrity to key customers.


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